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Meeting Minutes: April 12, 2022

From: Judie Gorra, Class Secretary

Location: via Zoom

President Ken Kupchak called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm EDT.


Name Role
Barbara Lutz Brim Treasurer
Nancy Taylor Butler Affinity Chair
Alice Friedenson Class Council
Phyllis Rivkin Goldman Annual Fund Rep
Elliot Gordon Newsletter Design
Judie Pink Gorra Secretary
Tom Helfrich Class Council
Susan Holden Newsletter Editor
Janet Spencer King Historian
Ken Kupchak President
Steve Lewenberg Class Council
Linda Cohen Meltzer VP and Membership Chair
Stan Morgenstein Class Council
Carolyn Chauncey Neuman Class Council
Steve Newton Class Council
Michael Troner Annual Fund Rep
Bruce Wagner Immediate Past Pres.& Webmaster
Carolyn Whitman Reunion Chair
Cindy Wolloch JFK Memorial Award Chair

Membership (Linda Meltzer):

Linda reported that 2021 was the first year that the dues did not include a Cornell Magazine subscription. The Cornell Magazine has been replaced by “Cornellians”, which is primarily a web-based publication. Auto-renewal for class dues has been discontinued. There are 361 dues payers compared to 406 the previous year. Our class has the 3rd-most dues payers and the highest percentage of dues payers among Cornell classes. Dues were previously $30 without the Magazine and $55 with the Magazine. Currently, as noted above, the dues are set at $40 for an individual and $50 for a class couple. Class officers were reminded to pay their class dues. Linda thanked Susie Holden and Elliot Gordon for their outstanding job on the newsletter.

Treasurer (Barbara Brim):

Barbara reported that our accounts have healthy balances. Her report was approved, subject to audit.

A discussion re the Tradition Fellowship account ensued. This is a fellowship which was a gift to Cornell at our 25th reunion. Originally the corpus was $25,000. Our class has no input as to whom the Scholarship is awarded. $4,000 is given, annually, to the awardee who must also have a campus job and some volunteer involvement. Any extra money the account earns gets put into a pool to help fund other awards. A motion proposed by Linda Meltzer to request that two awards be given to the extent that there are available funds in the account. The motion was seconded and passed. We have been advised that this money cannot be moved to the JFK award account.

Cornell Class of 64 Budget April 2022 to Reunion 2024:

It was moved, seconded and, following discussion, passed to adopt the following budget covering the period from April 2022 through our 60th Reunion in June 2024:

  Dues $28,000 Based on 2 years of dues collected from 350 members
  Interest $5,000  
  Total $33,000  
NOTE: to the extent that the budget expenses exceed new income or cash flow irregularities, in which case the cash on hand at the beginning of this period, “Reserve”, will serve as a line of credit for authorized operations, to the extent that the Budget rules, stated below allow.
  CALC Meetings $9,000 $3,000/yr registration and $1,500/yr meals
  JFK Award $6,000 $3,000/yr for processing and award ceremony
  CACO Dues $1,000 $500/yr
  Class Mailings $7,000 $3,500/yr
  Contingencies $2,000 $1,000/yr
  Total $25,000  
Balance to class operating account, available for other expenses: $8,000

Budget Rules:

1. Any two out of these three: President, VP and Treasurer, have the authority to approve disbursements in accord with budget without further guidance of or by the Exec. Comm., as long as moneys are available, without diminishing the reserve.

2. Budget may be amended at any time by a unanimous consent of the Executive Committee.

[Among the matters discussed prefatory to adoption of the budget discussion ensued re the budget: This proposed budget does not reflect money for our upcoming 60th Reunion. That will be the subject of a future meeting and treated as a supplementary budget, if any, taking into consideration the Reserve. Carolyn informed the group that, for the 55th Reunion, $15,000 came from the reunion account and we used all but $2,900. Carolyn Neuman commented that reunion expenses are an important investment to assist those who might need financial assistance to attend. She suggested trying to make reunion attendance affordable, possibly including subsidizing the cost for some.]

JFK Memorial Award (Cindy Wolloch):

Cindy reported on this year’s award presentation event, held on campus on March 6, 2022, including by way of two separate reports which accompanied the meeting notice. This year's awardee is Connor Hodges. It was a very successful event with several key people from Cornell being present. Cindy also shared a copy of the 2022 winner Connor Hodges’s presentation.

Discussion re the award ensued. $4,000 was received for the award on Giving Day, 3/16/2022.

Future of the Award:

Cindy’s reports included a draft concept paper for the continuation of the Cornell Class of 1964 John F. Kennedy Memorial Award for Public Service. The report discusses the prospect of having the entity overseeing the award be primarily composed of Award alumni by our 60th reunion. It was the consensus of those attending that we needed to create an entity with which we had confidence that of Class’s intent would continue to guide the administration of the Award after our Class sunsets.

It was decided that we hold a follow up virtual Class Business meeting on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 7 pm EDT to formalize the structure for administration of the JFK Award after the Class sunsets or at such earlier time as the Class decides. Cindy will work with the Award Alumni to propose a structure, along the lines discussed, and provided it so that we may share it with the Executive Committee, and such others as it may decide, in advance of that meeting. If nothing is timely received, we may draft our own proposal so as to enable the Class to begin seeking Legacy level contributions.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to reimburse $6,000 from the operating account to reimburse verified expenses associated with the 2022 Award presentation event at the Statler.

Annual Fund (Phyllis Goldman and Michael Troner):

Phyllis Goldman and Michael Troner  reported that they are planning on periodic communication to the class including two emails and one postal mailing per year. They are working on getting reports from the University.

Class Website (Bruce Wagner):

Bruce Wagner reported that he has updated the website to include photos from our first days on campus, a story on this year’s JFK Awardee, stories about our class Zoom prresentations and links to key “Cornellians” pages.

Class Newsletter (Susie Holden and Elliot Gordon):

Susie and Elliot were thanked for their work on the Newsletter.

Affinity (Nancy Butler):

Nancy provides timely information of particular interest to classmates on our class Facebook page, which has 115 members. She reported that few people are engaged and encourages those who connect to please comment on posts.

60th Reunion Carolyn Whitman):

Carolyn encouraged anyone who wishes to help out with the 60th Reunion to contact her.

Class Zoom Presentations (Ken Kupchak):

The Council agreed that the three Zoom presentations over the past 18 months have been interesting and appreciated. Everyone is encouraged to send suggestions to Ken for future presentations.

Next Meeting:

The next class officer meeting will be held by Zoom on Wednesday June 8, 2022 at 7:00pm EDT.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm EDT.


Meetings held in 2019-2021 (Ken Kupchak):

NOTE: No minutes were published after the class meeting at at our 50th Reunion in 2019 and at virtual meetings held in 2020 and 2021. Following is a summary of disucssions at those meetings.

Upon motion duly moved and seconded, it was unanimously adopted that, in lieu of minutes, due, inter alia [among other things], to the influence of the Covid pandemic, the Cornell Class of 1964 hereby duly ratifies all Actions taken at:
1. the 2019 Reunion duly called Class meeting, including the election of officers and Class Council, as reflected in the Class Newsletters; and
2. All operational actions taken in the Class’s name since, including, inter alia:

(a.) In light of the University’s reconciliation of accounts and earnings, attributing, in 2020, to our JFK Fund additional available earnings of approximately $18,000, the Class Executive Committee authorized, a second $15,000 JFK Award in the Spring of 2020, reinvested the balance of the newly discovered earnings and authorize, instead, disbursements from the Class’s operational Account not to exceed $5,000, for JFK-related administrative expenses, including room rental for the previous Fall’s Award competition and the Spring of 2020’s announcement of the awards, including travel;

(b.) the adoption, by consensus reached at the duly noticed Spring 2020 virtual Class Council and Executive Committee Joint Meeting, that the Cornell Class of 1964 make its John F. Kennedy Memorial Award (“JFK Award”) our Class Legacy project during the remainder of our Class’s existence; and

(c.) Unanimous consents by the Executive Committee to: (i.) authorize payment of expenses related to the processing and celebration of the FY 2020-2021 JFK Award, not to exceed $3,000, rather than diminish the JFK Award’s endowment; (ii.) authorize payment of expenses related to the processing and celebration of the FY 2021-2022 JFK Award, not to exceed $3,000, rather than diminish the JFK Award’s endowment; and (iii.) Increase our annual dues to $40 for an individual and $50 for a class couple.