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55th Reunion - June 2019


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Reunion Schedule

Our 55th will run from Thursday, June 6, 2019 (at 12 noon) through Sunday, June 9, 2019 (at 12 noon).

This schedule is more leisurely than at our recent reunions, leaving you plenty of time to catch up with long-lost classmates, wander around the campus, shop for Cornell gear or see the gorgeous gorges of Ithaca.

Reunion Housing

Many Reunion attendees will stay on West Campus in the (relatively) new, air-cooled Alice Cook House, at 709 Uniuversity Avenue, just uphill from Stewart Avenue. The rooms are cozy; reunion leaders have stayed there. (See photos of typical single and double rooms). Room cost is $67 per person, per night, or $157 per person for all three nights. Rooms will be reserved when you register. We'll have plenty of space.

When you arrive for Reunion, please pull up near Alice Cook House in the semi-circle driveway area to drop off luggage. You will not be able to leave your vehicle parked in this area while you check in. Luggage handlers will be on hand to assist with bringing guest luggage into headquarters.

Main parking areas on serving Alice Cook House:
University Avenue Parking Lot: Entrance to this lot is on University Avenue after crossing over Stewart Avenue on your left.
Libe Slope: Access from West Avenue.
A Reunion shuttle will help you get back to our headquarters location after parking on Thursday between noon and 7 p.m. Flag the shuttle down when you see it.

If you’d prefer to stay off campus in a hotel, please make your reservation as soon as possible. Click here to see a list of Ithaca-area hotels with Reunion blocks. Be sure to use the listed promo code for these rates. If you're coming for the full weekend, you'll need reservations for the nights of June 6-7-8.


Here are some of our reunion volunteers and their email links:

Chair Carolyn Stewart Whitman
Registration & housing Barbara Brim Brenda Caniff (Alumni Affairs)
Affinity groups Nancy Taylor Butler
Class Symposium - JFK Cynthia Wolloch
Communications Bruce Wagner
Reunion Campaign Tim Davis

Your Questions & Our Answers

1. Your most popular topic: what are the bathroom arrangements in the dorms?
Probably better than you recall from your time at Cornell -- but still not private. Bathrooms are located within a few steps of your room and are shared by 5-7 people. Toilet and shower areas in the bathrooms are private.

2. Can I reserve a dorm room with/near my friend or spouse?
To share a double room, both of you must indicate your roommate preference for each other on the housing form in the registration package -- even if you've registered together.
To be near your friend, both of you must request rooms near each other on the housing registration form.
We hope to accommodate all such requests, but we can't guarantee it, especially for late registrants.

3. How far are our campus venues from the dorm?
The campus is just about the same size as when we were students, although the hills may seem steeper and distances longer. The longest walk from our headquarters to a venue is about one-half mile. We'll run class buses to and from all major venues, and University buses will circulate on campus. You should not have to walk up The Hill... unless you want to.

4. Anything else I should know about the dorms?
There are elevators and air cooling.

5. Where can I park on campus?
Parking on central campus is quite limited. We suggest you park your car once, then walk or take buses to our venues.

6. How should I dress?
Are you still asking that question? Reunion dress is casual. At our two receptions on Friday and Saturday evenings, dress is "smart casual". Not necessary: jackets (for men) and dressy dresses (for women). You'll be cooler without them. Since it's Ithaca, check the weather before you pack.