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About the Class of 1964

Enrolled at Cornell from 1960 to 1964, our class is planning our 60th Reunion, coming this June.

These pages record "official" information on our class leadership, meetings, constitution and classmates most involved in overall alumni leadership.

Class Officers

The following alumni from the Cornell Class of 1964 are serving a five-year term, from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2024, in the stated class officer roles.

President* Ken Kupchak

Vice-President* -  Membership Chair and Treasurer Linda Cohen Meltzer
Secretary* Judie Pink Gorra
Class Correspondent* Bev Johns Lamont
Cornell Annual Fund Representatives* Michael Troner

Phyllis Rivkin Goldman

JFK Memorial Award Chair Cynthia Wolloch
Reunion Chair Carolyn Stewart Whitman
Affinity Chair Nancy Taylor Butler
Class History Committee Susan Schifter Labarthe

Nancy Parker (1942- 2022)

Newsletter Editor Susan Mair Holden
Newsletter Design Elliot Gordon
Immediate Past President and Webmaster* Bruce Wagner
* Member of the Executive Committee



Past Class Presidents

Term Name
1964-1969 John McCluskey
1969-1974 Don Whitehead
1974-1979 Don Whitehead
1979-1984 John Sterba
1984-1989 John Sterba
1989-1994 Nancy Taylor Butler
1994-1999 Carolyn Chauncey Neuman
1999-2004 Nancy Alfred Persily
2004-2009 Janet Spencer King
2009-2014 Susie Mair Holden
2014-2019 Bruce Wagner


Class Leadership Meetings

Meetings are held at least annually, most at the mid-winter Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference (CALC).

Feb-2024 Baltimore, MD
May-2023 Virtual, via Zoom
June-2022 Virtual, via Zoom
Apr-2022 Virtual, via Zoom
Feb-2019 Boston, MA
Feb-2018 Philadelphia PA
Feb-2017 Baltimore, MD
Jan-2015 Boston, MA
Jun-2014 Ithaca, NY
Jan-2014 Boston, MA
Sep-2013 Rye Brook, NY
Jan-2013 Boston, MA
Jan-2012 Washington DC
Jan-2011 Washington DC
Jan-2010 Washington DC
Jan-2009 Philadelphia PA
Jan-2008 Philadelphia PA
Jan-2007 Philadelphia PA
Jan-2006 Philadelphia PA
Jan-2005 New York, NY
Jan-2004 New York, NY