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Dues and Giving

Some alumni give back to Cornell by volunteering their time: meeting with Cornell applicants, leading alumni clubs and classes or participating in Cornell Cares Day activities worldwide. Others are Cornell Council members or University trustees. 

Cornell and the Class of 1964 also need our financial support, and many classmates give generously.

  • For general giving to the University via the Cornell Annual Fund, click here.
  • For paying class dues, click here.
  • For supporting the Class of 1964 JFK Memorial Award or the Class of 1964 Cornell Tradition Fellowship, click here. (For more on the JFK Award, click here).

Class Dues: stay in the loop!

Please renew your ties to the class each year by supporting the Class of 1964 and paying your class dues. Your dues are the primary source of financial support for our class.

When you become a dues paying member, you are identifying yourself as a proud Cornellian who has a stake in the University's future.

Your class dues go a long way...

  • Supports Class of '64 newsletter and reunion mailings
  • Supports special class programs
  • Supports reunion planning and events
  • Supports this web site
  • Provides the Class of '64 with more space for our Class Notes
  • Assists the Class of '64 in staying in touch with you, so that you can find out what's happening with your classmates and Cornell.

What is the cost of class dues?

Here are the various dues options:

  • $40 - Regular Class Dues.
  • $50 - Couples Dues (both Class of '64).

You can pay your Class of 1964 dues through one of the following methods:

  1. Pay Online.
  2. Pay by check. Mail your check, payable to the Cornell Class of 1964, to: Cornell University, PO Box 37333, Boone, IA 50037-0333.

What time period does my dues payment cover?

A class "dues year" does not follow a calendar year. Instead, it is from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. So if you pay your dues in November, it only covers the time through June 30... not to the following November. Each year, class dues request mailings are sent in the spring. Paying them prior to July 1 will provide you with an entire year as a dues-paying member of the class.

How else can I make a gift to the university?

In addition to giving through class dues, we encourage you to consider a separate gift to the Cornell Annual Fund. Your unrestricted dollars provide Cornell with the greatest degree of flexibility to direct the funds where they are needed most. You can give by mail, by phone, or online.

Learn much more here about giving back to Cornell.

What is the difference between class dues and gifts?

Class dues are NOT gifts to Cornell itself and therefore do not count towards our class's Cornell Annual Fund giving total. Dues are paid by our classmates to support, specifically, the Class of 1964 in the ways outlined above.

A gift to the University is an investment in Cornell's future and does count toward our class's Cornell Annual Fund giving total. Your gift is dedicated to providing the University with either restricted or unrestricted support, based on your choice. Restricted gifts are 'earmarked' for a specific purpose (e.g, campus organizations, colleges, departments, activities, sports, fraternities/sororities). Unrestricted support is provided to allow the University autonomy in how they utilize your gift to maintain and strengthen the University as a whole.

Are my dues and gifts tax deductible?

Yes, class dues and all gifts to the University, both restricted and unrestricted ARE tax-deductible.