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Meeting Minutes: January 30, 2010

From: Barbara (Bobbie) Furman Attardi, Secretary

Location: Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC


Name Email
Don Allen
Barbara Furman Attardi
Barbara Lutz Brim
Nancy Taylor Butler
Marcia Goldschlager Epstein
Adadot Hayes
Susan Mair Holden
Janet Spencer King
Linda Cohen Meltzer
Joan Melville
Stan Morgenstein
Carolyn Chauncey Neuman
Mike Newman
Bruce Wagner
Ted Weinreich
Lenore Weitzman
Carolyn Whitman
Steve Whitman
Cindy Wolloch

The meeting was called to order about 2:30 p.m. by Susie Holden, our new President. We started by going around the room and each telling the group about our lives and our experience so far at the Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference (CALC).

1. Officer Changes (Susie Holden)

Cindy Wolloch has taken over from Joan Melville the job of administering the JFK Memorial Award. Welcome Cindy!

Susie read the Class Constitution which says that class officers are limited to three consecutive terms; therefore, we had a special election to reappoint Bev Johns Lamont as class correspondent and Barbara Attardi as secretary. Both were re-elected by a show of hands. Linda Meltzer will continue record keeping although she is no longer class treasurer. The new treasurer is Barbara Brim.

caco 2010

Barbara Lutz Brim and Susan Mair Holden

2. Treasurer’s Report (Barbara Brim)

Barbara reported that our class is still in sound financial shape despite a net loss over 12/1/08. There were 457 dues payers (down from last year; we would like 485), 357 magazine subscribers and 430 bad addresses. $10,000 was allowed for Reunion expenses.

calc 2010

Nancy Taylor Butler and Lenore Weiztman

3. Webmaster's Report (Bruce Wagner)

Since our 45th reunion in June, the following have been posted on the website:

- Reunion photos (send additional to Bruce)
- Online version of JFK video
- Reunion report from the chairs
- New class officers
- Today’s photos (posted with these minutes)

Bruce asked classmates to send photos/stories. We discussed making the website more interactive, but how? Carolyn N. suggested we look at the websites of the classes of ’62 and ’63 whose 50th reunions are closer. Class of ’65 has an “up close and personal column”.

Our web address is still

4. 50th Reunion

We discussed various projects for the 50th. Joan Melville suggested we look into inexpensive ways of having a book to commemorate the 50th. Michael Newman suggested a booklet which would present lessons in the lives of various individuals. Cindy suggested that this could represent a Cornell experience: how did Cornell contribute to what we’ve become? Cautions: would need editing and rules.

calc 2010

Barbara Furman Attardi

We had 120 classmates at the last Reunion. We should try to attract more. Steve Whitman suggested that a simple newsletter might help. We should start to get classmates involved now with affinity groups, Cornell Connect. We have email addresses for about half the class and should try to recover more. (We would have to go through Cornell before turning to a private source). Our class is unique in that we have the JFK legacy. Could we get the Kennedy family involved? We could have a Forum with a speaker and topic related to JFK.

We voted to have a class survey as we had at the 40th with questions about demographics, attitudes etc. We would need at least a year to pull this together. We can continue to discuss this virtually.

Joan said a post-reunion survey was sent out to all who had attended, and some were returned.

We should come up with a list of small tasks to encourage people to volunteer.

Suggestion: have photos from yearbook on the class button so we can recognize one another (have we really changed?). Tasks will be posted on website.

calc 2010

Carolyn Stewart Whitman and Steve Whitman

5. JFK Award (Cindy)

Report was circulated. We will keep the JFK Memorial Award at $10,000 per year. How can we promote this to get greater donations (only $1,215 this year)? Make sure award is known (engage winners to present legacy).

Cindy would like to recruit additional readers.

Carolyn suggested we use some of the funds to promote a panel in the fall for graduating seniors to attract them to apply. The JFK Award is unique in that it projects into the future and is an outreach to the community and world. A motion passed to use our funds to support this panel. The motion was amended to make this an annual event. Cornell has paid for an ad in the “Sun” in the past, and we will let this continue. We should also reach out to Cornell Abroad.

calc 2010

Mike Newman and Carolyn Chauncey Neuman

6. Student Reading Project

We discussed whether to send the current student reading project book, Philip K. Dick's “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, to class dues payers. Everyone on campus reads this book, and it could be a connection to students. The motion to send out this book was withdrawn because of a lack of enthusiasm and the expense.

7. Next Meeting

We discussed having a summer meeting at the Cornell Club in Manhattan. Stan or Carolyn will sponsor a room there. We will poll the group to decide on a date.

The meeting was adjourned about 5:30 p.m. with some classmates going to dinner at the nearby Lebanese Taverna and others scrambling to get home after the day-long snowstorm.