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Meeting Minutes: January 24, 2004

From: Barbara (Bobbie) Furman Attardi, Secretary


Name Email
Ginny Abrams
Don Allen
Barbara Furman Attardi
Barbara Lutz Brim
Nancy Taylor Butler
Ed Dealy
Lois Weyman Dow
Marcia Goldschlager Epstein
Alice Dannett Friedenson
Bob Friedenson
Judie Pink Gorra
Joanne Herron  
Alan Hirshberg  
Susan Mair Holden
Janet Spencer King
Don McCarthy
Linda Cohen Meltzer
Joan Melville
Karl Miller
Stan Morgenstein
Carolyn Chauncey Neuman
Nancy Alfred Persily  
John Sterba
Bruce Wagner

Welcome back to Nancy Persily and Alan Hirshberg who were unable to attend last year's meeting due to illness. Both looked very well this year! We had a great turnout, 23 class members!

The meeting was called to order at about 2:30 pm by Nancy Persily.

The minutes from the class meeting in 2003 had been circulated on line and were not read due to time constraints (reunion discussion).

Both Nancy and Ed Butler and Carol and Matt McCorkle received the Rhodes Award for exemplary alumni service (which Marcia Goldschlager received previously). Congratulations!

Reunion report (S. Mair Holden, B. Lutz Brim)

Our class will stay in Risley Hall. Postcards were sent to classmates; so far there have been 170 affirmative responses (classmates and spouses). We hope for 270. Information about the reunion schedule can be found on the website.

Summary of reunion schedule:



Dinner will be an Italian picnic with Tom Sturdevant playing and singing.


Continental breakfast

10:30 Class Forum: Part I: Speaker will be Dr. Karl Pillemer of the Urie Bronfenbrenner Life Course Center. The title is "Successful Aging? The Life Course
and the Class of ‘64"; Part II will be a questionnaire put together in advance by graduate students. Forum will involve some participation, some discussion.

All alumni lunch

12:00-4:00 Class hike (A. Friedenson and B. Attardi, organizers)

Alternative activities:
1-2:30 Art and architecture symposium and exhibits at the Hartel Gallery with six classmates participating (D. McCarthy, organizer)

5:30 Class Memorial Service at the Plantations (D. McCarthy and B. Attardi, organizers)

6:00 Western barbeque at the Plantations (with a fiddle/banjo player)

Rock and roll party at Risley with a band


Book discussion group (read Antigone by Sophocles)

Noon: Lunch at Beebe Lake

Seminar: Janet Spencer King, "Health and Well-Being Revisited"

Cocktails/appetizers: on the terrace overlooking west campus

Dinner was scheduled for the Memorial Room, but it may not be able to accommodate everyone. Another venue was sought. (Late-breaking news: this will be Okenshields).
Back-ups for bad weather.


Farewell brunch behind Risley

Class souvenir will be a red windbreaker with class logo.

Affinity group chair (Ed Dealy):

20 organizations so far. Need input. Marcia suggested sending invitations to other members of affinity groups such as "Tag that date".

Listserve for Reunion organization
Lauren Mossotti-Kline (607-254-6110) in charge of campaign:
Class leaders in gift giving are Carol and Matt McCorkle and Ronay Arlt Menschel.

$2.64 million total gifts (1.18 million pledged so far)
664 donors or 40% of class contributing (251 so far)
64 Tower Club members (26 so far)

Payments need to be in by the end of June

Shall we have a phonathon to increase donor number and participation?

A classmate offered a challenge grant of $664,000 if all goals are met by Reunion Weekend.

Classmates can help out by making a gift even if they can't come to Reunion.

Significant contributions beyond Tower Club can be made through Lauren at the campaign office.

Decorations and facilities for Reunion (J. Herron):

Headquarters will be decorated with geraniums, piano, popcorn machine, mylar balloons, bridge tables.

Our historian, Ginny Mai, will bring memorabilia and stuff from previous reunions.

Classmates are encouraged to bring publications which will be set out on a table.

Class photographer (Bob Friedenson):

Photos will be posted. Be sure to identify your pictures. Will take pictures at registration. There will be digital displays and 4 X 6" prints of pictures. Bring digital cameras!

Class Constitution (Nancy Butler):

Nancy has drafted a Constitution. This was accepted unanimously by voice vote. Thank you, Nancy!

Scholarship Report (Joan Melville):

Current value of JFK scholarship is $178,070. JFK committee had 5 members. We have enough money to give out 2 awards next year. Current recipients are Jason Belmont Conn, who is in his first year at Michigan Law School, and Drew Scott Warshaw, who is working on campaign finance reform in Washington DC. We discussed inviting former winners to a cocktail party or other event at reunion. Some of us would be willing to sponsor recipients for travel to Ithaca. Details should appear on the website.

Tradition Fellowship: $86,327. is value this year. Current recipient is Tanner Cerand ‘04 ILR.

Gary Wood fellowship: Current value is $17,914.

Cornell Fund
There were 511 dues payers (met our goal) and 475 donors.

Nominating committee:
Class officers' terms expire at reunion. A committee was established to nominate new officers composed of Carolyn Newman (in absentia), Marcia Goldschlager, Stan Morgenstein, and Don Allen.

We would like to thank Bev Johns Lamont for an outstanding job as class columnist and to Joan Melville who did the newsletter in place of Bev Feinberg

Meeting was adjourned at 5:30.

We will meet again at the Cornell Club (6 East 44th St.) for drinks and appetizers at 6:00 and dinner at 7:00 along with several members of the class of ‘66.