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Meeting Minutes: May 17, 2023

From: Judie Gorra, Class Secretary

Location: via Zoom

President Ken Kupchak called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm EDT with a quorum.


Name Role
Barbara Brim Treasurer
Nancy Taylor Butler Affinity Chair
Phyllis Rivkin Goldman Annual Fund Rep
Judie Pink Gorra Secretary & JFK Award Committee
Susie Mair Holden Newsletter Editor
Ken Kupchak President
Linda Cohen Meltzer VP and Membership Chair
Stan Morgenstein JFK Award Committee
Michael Troner Annual Fund Rep
Bruce Wagner Immediate Past Pres. & Webmaster
Carolyn Stewart Whitman Reunion Chair
Cindy Wolloch JFK Memorial Award Chair

Minutes of Previous Meeting

The draft minutes of the Cornell Class 0f 1964 Executive Committee Zoom meeting of June 8, 2022, transmitted via email were duly moved, seconded and unanimously adopted.

Treasurer's Report
Treasurer Barbara Brim reported that the income from dues was down from last year.

The award for the Tradition Fellowship is currently $4,000. Linda proposed that the Class make two tradition fellowship awards, when funds are available. A discussion ensued re raising the amount of the award, but the award amount is determined by the University. Nancy Butler offered that maybe the award could be split into two awards. She also felt that the Class should be getting credit rather than any extra “going into the pot.” Linda agreed to look into what can be done.

[N.B. Post mtg, Linda’s efforts yielded the following:

I just spoke with Jani Ross about our class Tradition Fellowship Award. The payout available for 2023 is enough to make two awards of $4,000 each in our name. She is going to set this up for this coming school year.

Going forward, she will arrange it so that should the amount of the award be increased, when the payout is enough to cover two awards, two will be given in our name. If the payout is not enough to cover two awards, then only one will be given. The remainder of the payout, as has always been the case, goes into a pool to fund other tradition fellowship awards.

Someone questioned the following:

1. Can we elect to not have the unused payout funds not be put in the pool for other awards but to be kept in our endowment account instead? No, this is the way Cornell Tradition Fellowships work. Unspent payout is pooled with other funds to allow each fund to support a student at $4,000.

2. Can one award be less than the other? No, each recipient is awarded $4,000 regardless of how much a fund earns. The only time a student would receive less is if they go on academic probation and they have one term to correct that.]

The Gary Wood Scholarship has a payout of $1,100. Class members do not know the criteria for the Gary Wood Scholarship.

The receipt of the treasurer’s report, subject to audit, including reconciliation with University records, was moved, seconded and unanimously adopted.

Barbara announced that she is resigning as treasurer. She has served for 14 years and the Executive Committee thanked her for her long and dedicated service to the Class.

Ken called for a nomination to fill the position. Ken nominated Linda Meltzer to serve the remainder of the Treasurer’s term. Barbara seconded the motion and the motion was unanimously carried.

60th Class Reunion

Reunion Chair Carolyn Whitman reported that the University will begin working on the 2024 reunions, including our 60th, following the completion of this year’s reunions. (It is anticipated that the University will convene the Reunion Chairs on campus in early Fall.) Nancy Butler will attend this year’s reunion with Ed’s Class of 1963 and will keep her eye on events for our edification.

JFK Award

Cindy Wolloch reported that two documents designed to formalize the transition of the class’s JFK Award For Public Service selection process from the Class to a new, self-perpetuating stand-alone Board, comprised of at least 70% JFK Awardees, were recently emailed. These are:

(i) the Bylaws and Operating Agreement between the class and the new Board, which we created for this purpose, establishing the structure and intent of the future administration of the Award; and

(ii) A Notice from the Class and the new Board, jointly, to the University, in which the University acknowledges the transition and recognizing that the new Board will be acting in the place of the Class of 1964. Both will be signed by Ken Kupchak and Katie Dealy '00, a JFK Awardee and who has served for many years on our class’s JFK Committee, and who is chair of the newly-created JFK Award Board. The University will sign the Notice in said acknowledgement.

Cindy made the point that our class’s JFK Award and all donations made over the past six decades have been a contract between our class and donors to the University. While the University has chosen to provide support through a number of its various arms over this period, our relationship remains with the University.

At the request of the University, we have agreed to continue to monitor the Award as long as we are functioning and name a class’s Legacy, the JFK Award for Public Service.

As noted in the By-Laws and Operation Agreement, the composition of the new Board initially will be nine Directors, one of which will be appointed by the class. After 2029, the Board may alter the number of Board members. Cindy said that the Board anticipates being actively engaged in drumming up more interest and in recruiting members. It is hoping that this will create an affinity group for the Award, which may not only result in more fundraising, but it may also spread the message of the value of Public. Service. It was reported that asking awardees to join the committee has made a big difference.

Both of the documents, By-Laws and Operation Agreement and Transition Notice and Acknowledgement, were moved, seconded and unanimously approved with leave granted to correct minor typos and grammatical errors. Fully executed copies will be posted on the Class webpage for reference.

Ken is suggesting and Cindy is requesting $3,500 to be used for the Legacy kickoff at our 60th reunion to be taken out of the class treasury not the endowment. A motion authorizing the JFK Class committee members, Cindy, Stan and Judie and Treasurer Linda to, in their discretion, spend up to $3,500 to promote the Legacy of the JFK Award at our 60th reunion was moved, seconded and unanimously approved.

The next item for the JFK Award was to appoint the Cornell Class of 1964’s designated director on the new JFK Board and its liaison between the Class class’s JFK Award for Public Service. Judie Gorra and Stan Morgenstein moved and seconded this motion, to designate Cindy Wolloch to serve both as initial class director on the new JFK Board and to serve as the Class Liaison regarding the JFK Award to both the new Board and the University. The motion was unanimously adopted.

Cindy reiterated that the new JFK Board understands the purpose of the award recognizing a graduate devoted to public service. The new JFK Board has also indicated will be working on increasing the number of applicants for the award.

Cornell Annual Fund - Annual Fund Reps Michael Troner and Phyllis Goldman

Fundraising will center around the legacy of the JFK Award. Michael asked what should be the goal? Although it was not voted on, the sentiment seemed to be to go for seven figures i.e., At least $1,000,000.

Michael brought up the idea of creating a JFK Giving Society. It was reported that 106 donors have given more than $1,000 each to the class. Thank you notes were sent to each donor. A reminder was given that donations should be in addition to one’s regular giving to the University. Michael and Phyllis would like to involve as many classmates as possible in the effort to reach our classmates. Executive Committee members are asked to give Michael and Phyllis the names of classmates that might be willing to serve in this way. They would like to have someone create a short video about the award that could be sent out to classmates. Bruce suggested that the University may be able to help out. Lauren Coffey in the Alumni Office was suggested as a contact.

JFK Award alumni may also want to contribute by helping with their expertise.

Classmates may be asked to consider a one time gift, pledges and/or for remembrance in a will. Cindy offered to be one of the initial donors. Susie and Ken also volunteered to help with outreach efforts. Phyllis requested that those at this meeting join in the effort. A letter maybe sent out in June from Cornell on behalf of the class.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:44 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Judie Gorra
Secretary, Cornell Class of 1964