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Meeting Minutes: June 8, 2022

From: Judie Gorra, Class Secretary

Location: via Zoom

President Ken Kupchak called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm EDT.


Name Role
Nancy Taylor Butler Affinity Chair
Phyllis Rivkin Goldman Annual Fund Rep
Judie Pink Gorra Secretary & JFK Award Committee Member
Tom Helfrich Class Council
Ken Kupchak President
Susan Labarthe History Committee
Steve Lewenberg Class Council
Linda Cohen Meltzer VP and Membership Chair
Carolyn Chauncey Neuman Class Council
Michael Troner Annual Fund Rep
Bruce Wagner Immediate Past Pres. & Webmaster
Cindy Wolloch JFK Memorial Award Chair

Minutes of Previous Meeting

The Draft Minutes of the Joint Class Council and Executive Committee Zoom Meeting of April 12, 2022, twice transmitted via email by Bruce Wagner, subject to one reordering amendment, a shift of the ratification paragraph from near the end of the draft minutes, to just before the minute’s budget entry, were duly moved, seconded and unanimously adopted, then posted online.

Meeting Purpose

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss a proposal for restructuring operations of the Class of 1964 JFK Memorial Award for Public Service to allow for an orderly transition to perpetual operations in a manner satisfactory to the Class, while remaining true to our intent. A Draft explanation and suggested perpetual structure concept was developed by our Class Award Committee, and previously transmitted to the Class Council and Executive Committee in the meeting notice and emailed reminder.

Cindy Wolloch, Chair of the Class JFK Award Committee, presented the report and transition concept, making a point to thank Ken, Linda and Mike for their comments prior to the meeting. Cindy commented that it grew out of discussions with the current Committee members and staff from Alumni Affairs.

A lively and wide-ranging discussion ensued with some of the following comments or suggestions being offered.

Board Structure

An appropriate formalized Board structure, with officers, is necessary for the University to recognize it for transition. It was clear that, over time, a Board largely/entirely composed of Award Alumni would be the best way to ensure that our Class’s intent would continue to guide the Award process.

Re the number of Board members: having nine Board members was considered too many by the Committee. There are currently eight Committee members, comprised of three Class representatives and five Awardees (“Award Alumni”). The Award Alumni members have worked hard to expand contacts with University academic staff. The presence of Award Alumni on the Board appears to have inspired students to apply for the award.

Considerable discussion focused on just how to transition and what level of continuing Class participation over what period would be most appropriate.

How long should class members remain on the committee? A continuation of the present three Class positions through the 60th Reunion seemed reasonable. Various other continuing Class connections were discussed, there being some sentiment to phase the Class transition over a number of years beyond the 60th Reunion.

Should we make the Award Alumni committee members honorary members of our Class and have them attend our reunion at our expense and hand the committee over to them at our 60th reunion?

Carolyn Neuman commented that the founders of this Award have set a good example for other classes.

Should an emeritus category be set up for the original Class members who would serve non-voting advisory roles?

Is there consideration of adding a faculty member? The issue with that is that of favoritism of certain departments in the selection process.

The transparency of Awardee selection meetings was questioned. Those meeting have been discussions re the applications which are quite lengthy and were read previous to the meetings.

How will the Class of ’64 be apprised of the work on the Award Committee? Should there be an explicit reporting requirement?

Ken reminded the group that we will have to put our trust in the people we have selected to receive the award. The point of this meeting is to approve a concept for transition. The Executive Committee of the Class of 1964 voted and approved unanimously the concept that has been brought forth, subject to its future approval of a final detailed plan which addresses the questions and concerns raised.

It was suggested that the revised document be posted on the class website and Facebook page. It was also suggested that this first be sent by email, from Ken and Cindy, to class members explaining the process and concepts with a link to the report and draft concept on the website and Facebook page to educate and encourage classmate involvement. Ken and Cindy agreed to work on this.

Tom Helfrich thought there should be more discussion about the cost of paying for the attendance of class members and Award Alumni to the presentation of the award. This will be discussed in the fall.

There was also interest in discussing our upcoming 60th Reunion. But Reunion Chair Carolyn Whitman was not present, and Alumni Affairs will not be ready to discuss the Reunion with us until after the June, 2023 Reunion.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:54 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Judie Gorra
Secretary, Cornell Class of 1964