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Meeting Minutes: February 8, 2019

From: Phyllis Rivkin Goldman, filling in for Judie Gorra, Class Secretary

Location:Sheraton Hotel, Boston, MA


Name Role
Barbara Lutz Brim Treasurer
Nancy Taylor Butler Affinity Chair
Dick D'Amato Class Council
Tim Davis Annual Fund Rep
Phyllis Rivkin Goldman Historian
Judie Pink Gorra Secretary
Tom Helfrich Classmate
Susan Holden President Emerita
Jant Spencer King Class Council
Linda Cohen Meltzer Membership Chair
Carolyn Chauncey Neuman Class Council
Bruce Wagner President
Carolyn Whitman Reunion Chair
Steve Whitman Class Council
Cindy Wolloch JFK Award Chair



This year’s Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference (CALC) was held in Boston, MA at the Sheraton Hotel on February 8-10, 2019.

President Bruce Wagner called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm. He welcomed our unusually large group.

He also announced that there is a discount for those who attend Cornell Adult University (CAU) this summer for the first time, stressing that it is great to learn from Cornell professors when you are in the company of other smart adults!

Fundraising Report, Tim Davis and Brenda Teeter (staff):

• Brenda Teeter and Tim both acknowledged the tragic loss of classmate Adadot Hayes, who had been co-chair of fund-raising with Tim. A tribute to Adadot will be planned for the reunion. Her will includes a special bequest to Cornell. Adadot was a dedicated class volunteer, possessed a great sense of humor and lost her life while pursuing a life-long dream.

• The class has currently exceeded its targeted financial goal, with fewer donors to date, but higher individual giving levels.

• 84 people have already given $1,000 or more.

• Questions – Will people at a certain level be acknowledged; respecting those who wish to remain anonymous; communicating information about how to make bequests to CU?

Treasurer’s Report, Barbara Brim:

• There have not been many expenses to date, mainly mailings, but our teeasury is in excellent shape.

• After 65 years (2029, in our case) the class treasury is taken over by the University.

• Tim and Carolyn will check with Brenda to learn more about the future management of class funds.

Membership Report, Linda Meltzer

• The newsletter will come out in late March with a dues card enclosure for those who have not paid.

• ’64 is the third highest dues paying class.

• The 2018-19 numbers are above the prior year with 437 participants.

JFK Memorial Award Chair’s Report, Cindy Wolloch

• Class of ’64 JFK Award was featured at the Public Service Center’s year-end dinner.

• A write-up about the 2018 winner, Salma Shitia, has been prepared for the class newsletter.

• March 13th is the deadline for the current competition. The award level is being maintained at $15,000.

• The selections committee remains the same, with four people from our class and three alumni of the program.

The JFK Award at 55: A Conversation with Reviewers and Past Winners will be the subject of our Class Forum at Reunion.

55th Reunion Planning, Carolyn Whitman
• Print and email registrations will be arriving in late March & April, with reminders in May.

• ’64 has generally had high participation for reunions. Based on University records, the goal is for 180 participants (more realistic estimate is 150).

• A classmate will donate Reunion caps again. They will be of a deeper maroon color.

• Handsome red leather luggage tags embossed with the class logo will be an additional souvenir. (Question: Should tags be provided to all class donors?)

• Kate Freyer is our staff reunion coordinator.

• Susie has planned two sit-down dinners for the Reunion on Friday and Saturday evenings.

• A class-specific memorial (display/corner) is planned for deceased classmates with special tribute to Adadot.

Nominating Committee, Susan Holden

Elections will be held at the Reunion in June. Spots are still available for anyone who is interested. So far, the following have agreed to continue in their current roles:

• Treasurer – Barbara Brim

• Membership – Linda Meltzer

• JFK Award – Cindy Wolloch

• Webmaster – Bruce Wagner

• 60th Reunion – Carolyn Whitman

The next evening, we enjoyed a class dinner nearby at Legal Seafoods.


Back row: Tim Davis, Janet Spencer King, Steve Whitman, Dick D’Amato, Susie Mair Holden, Judie Pink Gorra, Nancy Taylor Butler, Phyllis Rivkin Goldman.
Front row: Cindy Wolloch, Carolyn Stewart Whitman, Linda Cohen Meltzer, Barbara Lutz Brim, Bruce Wagner.