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Meeting Minutes: February 3, 2018

From: Janet King, filling in for Judie Gorra, Class Secretary

Location: Marriott Downtown Hotel, Philadelphia, PA


Name Role
Barbara Attardi Class Council
Barbara Brim Treasurer
Tim Davis Annual Fund Rep
Marcia Epstein Class Council
Elliot Gordon Newsletter Design
Adadot Hayes Annual Fund Rep
Tom Helfrich Classmate
Susan Holden President Emerita
Jant Spencer King Class Council
Linda Cohen Meltzer Membership Chair
Karl Miller Classmate
Stan Morgenstein Class Council
Carolyn Neuman Class Council
Nancy Parker Class Council
Bruce Wagner President
Carolyn Whitman Reunion Chair
Steve Whitman Class Council
Cindy Wolloch JFK Award Chair



This year’s Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference (CALC) was held in Philadelphia,PA at the Marriott Downtown Hotel on February 2-4, 2018.

President Bruce Wagner called the meeting to order at 2:25pm. Our special guest, 2016 JFK Award winner, John Lowry ‘16, was present to thank us for his award, which he noted was “so important” in his life, and to update us about his current endeavors. He is now working in Washington, DC, for the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Russia investigation.

Treasurer’s Report, Barbara Brim:
• We now have 1,655 living classmates with mailable addresses; 600 of these do not have email addresses on record at CU.
• We had 430 dues payers in 2017, a figure down slightly from previous year’s 444.
• The class treasury balance remains healthy.

Membership Chair’s Report, Linda Meltzer
• At this early date we already have 86 dues payers; the goal for 2018 is 460.
• Our class has held quite consistent numbers of dues payers over the years and we far exceed other classes from our era who are typically in the 300s.
• The annual class newsletter will be mailed in late March to classmates; it will include a dues solicitation. (Most solicitations are via email.)

JFK Memorial Award Chair’s Report, Cindy Wolloch
• 2017 JFK Award winner was Jordon Berger ‘17, now at NYU Law School. Her focus of disability rights was a first among JFK applicants.
• Three past JFK awardees now join three classmates as judges of the 2018 applicants.
• The award is now $15,000.
• Fifty-five classmates donated in 2017 to the award fund.

Fundraising Report, Adadot Hayes, co-fund raiser with Tim Davis
• Discussions have begun with CU concerning fund-raising for the next reunion, our 55th (June 6-9, 2019)
• Fiftieth reunion showed fund raising of $16 million from class donors. 700 classmates donated.
• Currently there are 79 classmates in Tower Club, which includes those who donated $5,000 or more to Cornell last year. For most classes, the Tower Club minimum is being raised to $10,000; classes before 1969 are being grandfathered at the $5,000 level.
• The number of donors in a class are important as is the amount raised, a reminder to donate at least something (including dues!) to CU.

Red Hot Hockey and Dinner Report, Susie Holden
• The Cornell hockey team played at NYC’s Madison Square Garden last fall, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We gathered for a pre-game dinner near MSG.
• The Class bought (and sold) 36 tickets for classmates to purchase.
• Plans for the 2018 game and dinner are unclear for now.

Reunion Plans, Chair Carolyn Whitman
• Reunion for 2019 has barely begun. Carolyn is considering events that might hold particular appeal for classmates.
• CU sent email asking classmates about ideas for reunions; 75 responses from our class.
• Reunion planners will meet this summer to start in-depth planning.

Nancy Butler continues to maintain class Facebook site; 80 classmates are FB friends.
Bruce Wagner continues as our webmaster.

The meeting adjourned at 5:20pm. Attendees reconvened for dinner at the nearby Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant.

Front row, L to R: Linda Meltzer, Carolyn Whitman.
Middle row: Carolyn Neuman, Barbara Brim, Marcia Epstein, Barbara Attardi, Cindy Wolloch.
Back row: Stan Morgenstein, Bruce Wagner, Janet King, Susie Holden, Adadot Hayes, Tim Davis, Steve Whitman.
Missing: Tom Helfrich, Karl Miller, Nancy Parker.