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Meeting Minutes: January 17, 2015

From: Judie Gorra, Class Secretary

Location: Seaport Hotel, Boston, MA


Name Email
Barbara Brim
Nancy Butler
Dick D'Amato
Tim Davis
Jim Giberti
Phyllis Goldman
Elliot Gordon
Judie Gorra
Susan Holden
Linda Cohen Meltzer
Karl Miller
Carolyn Neuman
Michael Newman
Nancy Nyitrai
Anne Pattison
Nancy Roberts
Bruce Wagner
Lenore Weitzman
Carolyn Whitman


Prior to the opening of the meeting, Lisa Bushlow, Director of Class Programs introduced herself and complimented the Class of 1964 for its strong involvement in CALC and Cornell. Lisa was kind enough to take a photo of the group in attendance at the meeting.

Bruce Wagner opened the meeting with introductions and welcomed several class members who were new attendees. The current list of officers is here.

Brenda Teeter, representing the Cornell Annual Fund, thanked the class for the “incredible results” of the class in its volunteer efforts, its membership, its attendance at an “outstanding” 50th reunion and its award programs, especially the JFK Award, which is the largest the Cornell Public Service Center administers.

The minutes of the January 2014 CALC meeting and the June reunion meeting were accepted.


Linda Meltzer presented the Membership Report: The Class of 1964 has one more member than last year and more than other 1960’s classes, noting that there are more donors than dues payers. There will be two mailings plus a number of emails to encourage membership. It was reported that the New Student Reading Project book was mailed to those who had requested it.


Barbara Brim presented the treasurer’s report with a "significant" total class account balance.

50th Reunion

Linda Meltzer presented the report on the 50th reunion. 529 people attended of which 344 were classmates. 76 were first timers. Bruce Wagner, Joan Melville and Linda were very happy with the reunion as were the attendees. The reunion yearbook was well received.

Katie Freyer, Cornell Alumni Affairs Class Contact, acknowledged the good work leading to a successful reunion.

JFK Award

Judie Gorra presented Cindy Wolloch’s report on the JFK Award. The book on past recipients was distributed at reunion and well received. A discussion ensued regarding the possibility of increasing the award since last year’s payout on the endowment was $17,000. Per Cindy’s recommendation it will continue to be $12,000 for the 2015 award. Those present who have read the applications for the award in the past agreed that the experience is enlightening about the excellent quality of the students at Cornell. Those present agreed that Cindy and her immediate predecessors, Joan Melville and Michael Newman, have done a fantastic job of coordinating the award process.

Cornell Fund

Tim Davis presented the report on the Cornell Fund. Adadot Hayes and Tim attempted separate efforts to build attendance at the 50th reunion from the request for support for the Cornell Fund, with great success.

Susie Holden discussed the possibility of having an event prior to the Big Red hockey game in Madison Square Garden over Thanksgiving weekend. She reported that she had purchased 50 tickets last year and sold all but one, but would like a commitment ahead of time for this coming Thanksgiving and someone to help organize a Class of ’64 event.


Nancy Butler reported on the affinity groups which were tapped to encourage attendance at the reunion. She had 68 volunteers, 45 of whom followed the CALC plan. The process will be repeated for the 55th reunion. Nancy encouraged class members to “like” the class of ’64 on Facebook and to please join setting appropriate privacy.

Class Website:

Bruce reported on the class website The website has 1,100 photos from reunion thanks to the efforts of Bob Friedenson, who organized 16 volunteer photographers. It would be helpful if class members would try to identify individuals pictured.


Phyllis Goldman reported that Carolyn Whitman had done a good job of orienting her to the position of Newsletter chair and she requested that class members contact her regarding content. Elliot Gordon is in charge of layout for the newsletter.

55th Reunion

Carolyn Whitman, reunion chair, reported that she has already gotten many volunteers who wish to help with the 55th reunion.

Class Constitution

Susie Holden reported that the class constitution needs updating because of the new Cornell University Volunteer initiative. It is important to synchronize our constitution with current practice. Tim Davis, Marcia Epstein and Susie will work on the update and will send it out in an email when complete.

Class Events

Bruce introduced the idea of a class event such as a cruise or get together some place like Miami, per Tim Davis‘s suggestion. We decided against a class cruise. Discussion ensued and will continue.

Class members who had not previously attended CALC thanked those present for being so welcoming. A good time was had by all.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15.

Respectfully submitted,
Judie Gorra, Class Secretary

Seated, from left: Nancy Roberts, Anne Pattison, Tim Davis, Linda Meltzer, Dick D’Amato, Nancy Butler.

Standing: Judy Mabel, Barbara Brim, Jim Giberti, Judie Gorra, Phyllis Goldman, Carolyn Whitman, Nancy Nyitrai, Bruce Wagner, Carolyn Neuman, Elliot Gordon, Lenni Weitzman, Mike Newman, Susie Holden.