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Meeting Minutes: June 8, 2014

From: Barbara Attardi
Location: Ithaca, NY

Our class meeting took place at our 50th Reunion following the farewell brunch. It was called to order by Susie Holden at 9:35 a.m. The main purposes of the meeting were: 1) to thank those involved in organizing the Reunion and assisting at various events, and 2) to elect a new slate of officers.

The minutes from our last meeting in Boston at CALC in January, 2014 were accepted.

Treasurer Barbara Brim presented her report. She reported that we are in “good shape,” with just over $39,000 in our interest-bearing account as of January, which does not include monies in our long term investment account. The Class Treasury’s main expenses since then have been for the 50th Reunion Yearbook and the JFK Memorial Award book, which she said would total about $15,000 and the Reunion DVD which was sent to all classmates and cost about $1,500.

Announcements: The results of the Intellectual Diversity Debate organized by Steve Einhorn were 63 positive votes (conservative viewpoint) and 24 negative votes. This means that the majority of the event attendees thought that the positive side made a better case than the opposing side. Steve would like anyone who is interested in this topic to contact him at

We thanked the Reunion co-chairs Bruce Wagner, Linda Meltzer, and Joan Melville for a Reunion that was “beyond fabulous”. There were over 130 volunteers helping out, and the class raised $16,278,441, thanks largely to the efforts of Tim Davis and Adadot Hayes, our Reunion Campaign Co-chairs, and Brenda Teeter, our exceptional staff liaison. We reached all of our goals, except that of number of donors. We need 47 more donors to reach our participation goal. The Reunion Campaign is open until June 30. There is still time to give at

Susie thanked Janet Spencer King, Nominating Committee Chair, and her committee of Tim Davis and Marcia Goldschlager Epstein and read the list of those who have accepted a nomination for the Class Council for 2014-2019. They are:

Don Allen
Barbara Attardi
Mark Colman
Nancy Lore Einhorn
Steve Einhorn
Marcia Goldschlager Epstein
Alice Dannett Friedenson
Bob Friedenson
Toby Rice Goldberg
Joan Greenspan
Arnie Hammer
Mary Cantor Hammer
Janet Spencer King
Ken Kupchak
Toby Kleban Levine
Steve Lewenberg
John Looney
Carol Britton MacCorkle
Mac MacCorkle
Don McCarthy
Stan Morgenstein
Jim Munsell
Carolyn Chauncey Neuman
Mike Newman
Steve Newton
Nancy Parker
Nancy Crowder Roberts
Bill Sanders
John Sterba
Debby Troner
Michael Troner
Michael Wachter
Lennie Weitzman
Steve Whitman
Lowell Willinger
A motion was made, seconded, and passed to elect the Council.

Susie explained that the Council had been the former Regional Class Vice-Presidents, by University definition, but now has other responsibilities, which the new members are aware of and will be shared again with them now that they are elected. She also said that participation on the Council is essentially what the Council members choose to make of it and that they will be invited to CALC (Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference, formerly CACO) in Boston on January 15-18, 2015.

The retiring class officers (who remain in office until June 30) were thanked for their efforts, Susie calling them a “Dream Team of officers, all of whom went way beyond any possible expectation of their duties.” She thanked especially the five officers who will soon retire for their service to the class, Barbara Attardi, Marcia Epstein, Janet Spencer King, Joan Melville, and Mike Newman, most of whom will go on the Class Council.

Barbara Attardi, Recording Secretary, read the Officer Slate as follows:

President: Bruce Wagner
First Vice President/Membership Chair: Linda Cohen Meltzer
Second Vice President/JFK Memorial Award Chair: Cindy Wolloch
Recording Secretary: Judie Pink Gorra
Cornell Annual Fund Representative(s): Tim Davis and Adadot Hayes
Class Correspondent: Bev Johns Lamont
Treasurer: Barbara Lutz Brim
Reunion Chair: Carolyn Stewart Whitman
Affinity Chair: Nancy Taylor Butler
Webmaster: Bruce Wagner
Class Historian/Newsletter Editor: Phyllis Rivkin Goldman
Newsletter Design: Elliot Gordon
President Emerita: Susie Mair Holden

The class voted affirmatively to elect this slate.

It was announced that Bruce as the new president has an extensive record of service to our class and Cornell, and that we are very lucky he is choosing to take on this leadership role for our class. He’s spent ten tears on the CAAAN advisory committee, two as chair; board member of Cornell Alumni University (CAU); officer for 30 years in the Cornell Club of Monmouth/Ocean Counties in New Jersey; and Class of ’64 Webmaster (10 years) and 50th Reunion Co-chair.

Cindy Wolloch will continue to chair the JFK Memorial Award program. She was able to find all 57 previous winners. Her research was turned into the book distributed at Reunion, and she organized the JFK speakers at the Class Forum. Cindy said that the endowment is strong and that the winners have been selected by both classmates and JFK alumni. The alumni have expressed enthusiasm for continuing to participate in the selection process.

Barbara Goldenberg spoke about continued financial support for the JFK Award. She encouraged everyone to make a donation of $100 so that the award would continue to be financially solvent. Bruce, as Webmaster, will design a link for giving to the Award Fund.

The class Constitution will need to be updated, and in the process, the committee working on this is looking at term limits for class officers. As an expression of confidence in Cindy’s work, Susie mentioned that the committee has discussed having no term limit for the JFK Award Chair, as well as for the Class Correspondent, so Cindy and Bev Johns Lamont can maintain their positions without regard to a term limit. We don’t want Cindy to give up her position as JFK Award Chair, and Bev has been our dedicated Class Correspondent for thirty-five years. In response to a question, Susie assured our classmates that any amendments will be done according to the procedure outlined within the Constitution.

Classmates were asked to send news and dues to Bev Lamont at, who will continue as Class Correspondent. Class dues for the 2013-2014 year are also due by June 30.

Marcia Goldschlager Epstein made a tribute to Susie Holden for her excellent 5 years as class president.

New Business: Bob Friedenson, who organized photography at Reunion, said that he will edit the photos and have Bruce post them on our website. He will try to send some individually, provided the subjects can be identified. New photos can still be added: send them to Bob at at or add them to our Facebook page.

The next meeting, at CALC, will be in Boston, January 15-18, 2015. The Class Council is invited.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:25 a.m.