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Meeting Minutes: January 22, 2005

From: Barbara (Bobbie) Furman Attardi, Secretary


Name Email
Don Allen
Barbara Furman Attardi
Barbara Lutz Brim
Nancy Taylor Butler
Marcia Goldschlager Epstein
Judie Pink Gorra
Joanne Herron  
Susan Mair Holden
Janet Spencer King
Linda Cohen Meltzer
Joan Melville
Stan Morgenstein
Beverly Feinberg-Moss
Carolyn Chauncey Neuman
Bruce Wagner

The meeting was called to order by our new president, Janet Spencer King, on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of CACO.

We heard that Nancy Persily had serious back surgery in early December and is scheduled for additional surgery. We wish Nancy the best!

The minutes from the class meeting in 2004 had been circulated on line and were not read.

caco 2005

Bev Feinberg-Moss, Linda Cohen Meltzer, John Sterba, Joanne Herron, Bobbie Attardi

Treasurer’s Report (Linda Meltzer):

This has been a good year for our class. A committee was formed to decide what to do with some of our surplus. Committee members are Linda Meltzer, Janet Spencer King and Susie Holden.

JFK Scholarship Report (Joan Melville):

We decided to give only one JFK Award ($5,000) this year because Day Hall said we overspent last year. The current recipient is Betsy Cooper from Amherst, NY who has very impressive credentials. We are planning to give two awards next year, but the applicant pool was down this year. Betty Drummond and Nancy and Steve Einhorn are new members of the JFK committee. We voted for a motion to retain the name of the JFK Award but to have discretion to award more than one award in a year. We approved a motion for the class to contribute the extra money to bring the pool to $10,000. if we want to give a second award. However, we received a very generous contribution ($50,000) to the JFK fund from one of our class members, who wants to remain anonymous, after reunion to help us toward our goal or awarding two scholarships. Thank you, anonymous donor: we are very grateful! 

caco 2005

Jason Gettinger, Nancy Taylor Butler


Tradition Fellowship:

Awarded to a freshman who works and does community service. Current award is $4,000. Last year $1,400 was donated with dues payments. It will generate $4,670 next year. The University may decide to increase the amount of the Tradition fellowships in the near future. Carolyn Newman suggested that we get guidance from the funding office about increasing the amount of this award. If it goes up, the “friends of the Cornell Tradition” (an anonymous donor) will make up an extra.

Class Historian:

The question was raised as to whether we should retain the position of Class historian. Ginny Mai was the previous Class historian, and she doesn’t want to do this job anymore. It consisted mainly of storing some Cornell memorabilia. Joanne Herron is currently storing a box of mementos. Marsha Goldschlager Epstein asked whether the University has archives, and Carolyn Neuman will look into this. We should decide what documents and mementos our class wants to save.

Reunion 2009:

Thinking ahead to next Reunion, we discussed who would be Chairs. Stan Morgenstein has expressed a willingness to do this job. Anyone else interested in Co-chairing should contact Stan. He will work on a short list and invite candidates to CACO next year to recruit a Co-chair. Barbara Brim who did this job for the 40th has volunteered to help. Bobbie Attardi suggested we have a singles event early in the schedule.

Fund Raising:

Don Allen did a great job last summer. We don’t need to do day-to-day fund raising but to concentrate on large gifts recruitment as our next Reunion draws near. Lauren Massotti-Kline stopped by to discuss future fund raising and suggested a “thank-a-thon” for those who contributed.

Class Web Site ( (Bruce Wagner):

Bob Friedenson will continue to do the technical part, whereas Bruce Wagner and Janet King will deal with the content. Bruce had questions and suggestions as to what should appear on the web site and would like input from other classmates.
1. Home page
2. Reunion page- including mini-reunions between 5-year reunions and class get-togethers
3. Class news, classmates - stories with photos
4. Class officers
5. Dues and giving
6. Links

Further suggestions about what to add to website: headlines, pictures from Reunion (submit if you have them!, list of deceased classmates, message from the class President, news about classmates, message from Jeff Lehman, jokes, etc. We decided to update every 4-6 months.

We discussed the idea of Regional events focused on the class of ’64 at 64 which will happen in the next year or two.

Newsletter (Bev Feinberg-Moss):

We want to continue the newsletter which accompanies mailing of dues statements. The newsletter should promote the website and may include profiles of classmates. 

Reunion Report:

Thank you to our Reunion Co-Chairs (Susie Holden and Barbara Brim), Judie Pink Gorra for registration, and all others who were involved in organizing Reunion activities for a truly wonderful and fun Reunion!

We set aside $7,500 from the class treasury for Reunion, but this was not used. We forgot to hand out the evaluations. Attendees: 222 classmates, 96 guests, 30 non-class alums, 4 children. Thirty-six of these were first-time attendees. About 80-85% of those who said “yes” on reunion form attended, whereas only about 10% of “maybes” attended. 
Meeting was adjourned with reception and gala to follow at 6:30 at the New York Hilton.